Twenty minutes later, Lexx was sitting on the floor as close to the TV as he could get. He’d managed to figure out the game that was in the console and after crashing his car repeatedly, was now running it through the streets in a high speed chase, complete with police cars, helicopters and his own tank.

There was just something really captivating about the crude game. The flashing lights, squealing tires and occasional squeal of metal as his car struck other cars. The kid in him was bouncing around gleefully cackling in an unnatural manner.

Lexx was so involved in the game, he didn’t notice Chel returning with her brother and sister. She’d taken the time to inform the two about Lexx before bringing them in to meet him and make sure that they wouldn’t tell anyone about him. They’d both looked at her oddly until they reached the living room. Then they stared, their jaws dropping in astonishment.

“An alien is in OUR living room playing video games?!” Andrea giggled. At seventeen, she was a cheerleader through and through, down to the giddy almost air headed demeanor.

“Way cool!” Kalvin moved closer to the TV, startling Lexx. Kalvin was like any other fifteen year old,… not fully aware of the implications of life around him. “When did you buy this game?!”