How ungrateful could he be? Sure, she’d taken his clothing, but she didn’t really think he’d mind that much. It was better than leaving him outside in the cold mud with his clothing soaked in mud and wounded. He didn’t have to be such a jerk and it just made her want to be that much more obstinate in her stance on the cat he wanted. If he wanted her so bad, he’d have to be a lot more courteous.

“No?” Lexx repeated as though he couldn’t think of anything else to say. In truth, he couldn’t.

Chel went on, “Not until you explain yourself. WHO are you?”

The cat hopped from the end of the couch to the highest point of the blanket covering Lexx. Chel stared as she tapped the blanket and opened her mouth. “Yeah, tell her, Lexx. Tell her about Alien Dice.” She didn’t sound very pleased.

“You talk too?!” Chel couldn’t believe her ears on top of everything else, although she should have. Talking cats at the moment were a little bit less surprising than aliens and fire breathing lizard things that didn’t know when to stop talking.

“Might as well.” The cat sighed, rolling her eyes toward Zeta, “Blabbermouth couldn’t keep his trap shut!” She hit the blanket a bit more insistently, this time with her claws extended so they’d poke Lexx through it, “Tell her about Alien Dice, Lexx.”

Lexx yelped and pulled the blanket down in an effort to remove the cat, but she clung like velcro, “You can’t tell anyone.” He chose to ignore her and speak directly to Chel, “Doubt they’d believe you if you did…” The girl just stared at him.