“Alien Dice is a game that rich beings like to play,…” Lexx saw he wasn’t going to get out of here unless he did as the cat suggested, not with the way the human was looking at him. Maybe it wouldn’t do any harm. In any case, it probably would not make his situation any worse. “It’s a hunt in a way, Each set is unique to the planet we play on, usually taking after the planet’s fauna.” He trailed off and looked at Zeta, “Zeta, … revert.”

Zeta didn’t sound pleased, “If Zeta HAVE too,…” He trailed off in a whine as a red glow crackled around him and in a sparkle of lights he vanished, replaced by a small red cube. Chel stared at the floor open mouthed as Lexx picked up the dice and held it up for her to see.

“Zeta is a level 2 flame class dice. He’s only a six sider.” He turned the dice so that Chel could see, tossed it into the air once and then stood to offer it to her. “They can be much more complex, up to 20 sides, each side representing a base level… although the sides don’t really matter much once they’re bonded to a creature, just the initial toss. Follow me so far?”

“Yes,…” Chel opened her hand uncertainly, “How does he FIT in there?! It’s so tiny!”

“His DNA is completely encoded into compressed data that is stored in the dice. It’s like a tiny computer, keeps track of everything about what Zeta is and what he will be. Also makes him a lot easier to carry around.”