Stealth purred to herself as she walked down one of the outer hallways leaving a trail of glitter and fabric. She spotted a familiar form sitting in a window and desired to show off her handiwork.

“Glad I was able to get my hair dyed back to a normal color.” Lexx didn’t hear Stealth coming. He was preoccupied with his own thoughts and a dataplate currently featuring his ship’s inventory. “Darker than normal, but I like it better. I should keep some dye on hand for the next ti-” Lexx’s thoughts trailed off into nothingness as Stealth sauntered past him and kept on going.


Lexx observed the bits of sparkling glitter drifting in the air around her. Lexx sighed and rubbed his nose, attempting to stifle a growing need to sneeze. “Not asking. Don’t even want to know.” He’d have a chat with that cat later.