Lexx considered just how much to say, “Zeta’s my starting dice,… this cat, is a Stealth Dice, my secondary. I always come after her first.”

“Second to a living match.” Stealth piped up sarcastically, “What a world.” Her voice degraded into a catlike growl of dislike.

“Throw the dice.” Lexx ignored her and concentrated more on getting his demonstration over with. Chel stared at the dice a moment, unsure of really throwing it. “It won’t hurt him.”

Chel gently tossed the dice and before it hit the floor, Zeta appeared in the same sparkle of lights, a red glow around him stabilizing his form. He wagged his tail almost like a happy dog would, tongue lolling out a moment to relish the return of freedom.

“If that had been a blank dice, it would have bonded with the closest non sentient creature at the level on the top of the dice,…” Lexx paused, unsure of whether he should state the last, but while he was spilling all this information he might as well be honest. “Which is what created Stealth this time around.”