Chel apparently didn’t believe him. It sounded more like a last resort to her and something he wouldn’t follow up on. A lot like her brother when he wanted to borrow something and said he’d ‘bring it back’. She’d always ended up having to go search for it under piles of dirty clothes, comic books and stale pizza crusts.

“No.” She seemed to be using that word a lot tonight and it hadn’t lost it’s emphasis. “It’s only a game and she’s MY cat!” Even if Mittens didn’t LOOK like Mittens, she held just enough resemblance to her that it convinced Chel. That and the cat KNEW her name and had come to her for help.

“I can’t leave the planet without all of them.” Lexx looked down, clenching his fists in thought. “Those are The Rules!”

Chel was silent for a moment, then lifting her chin up, she stated in a very condescending tone, icing the words over with anger. “That is YOUR problem. I didn’t ASK you to turn my cat into a Dicemon!”

Lexx stood there, feeling a little intimidated by the human. She obviously wasn’t afraid of him and wasn’t going to give him the cat. He couldn’t take it from her because, … well, he didn’t want to touch her for fear she might have some other weapon up her sleeve. Humans were unpredictable.

It probably didn’t help that he was standing in his underwear in her house either, after being soaked by rain, shot and forced to dream. Maybe,… if he got her out of her own environment and into his own he could more easily turn the tables without causing any serious problems, make it her choice.

“You can come with me,…” Lexx’s invitation was almost a whisper, drug out of his mouth by desperation.

“Hmm?” Chel blinked, her back to Lexx. Surely she hadn’t heard him correctly.

“Just until I’m done.” Lexx quickly added, making sure he was heard out. “Then, I’ll bring you back here and leave the cat with you.” It was taking a chance, but he needed Stealth badly and he preferred that there be as little trouble with the humans as possible. Perhaps she’d change her mind once it got boring enough, and he could see to it that there’d be nothing to do. Not like there was any room to do anything in his ship. Nothing to entertain with and he wasn’t about to be entertaining or accommodating. This could work,… if he played it right. She’d see it wasn’t worth it.