Day 7, Alaska

Lexx stepped out of the door into a blast of frigid air. He was grateful for Chel’s input on dressing warmly as the wind blew his hair directly into his eyes. Chel, Zeta and Skate were right behind him.

“We’ll have to flush out the ice dice with fire. They’re attracted to fire.” Lexx brushed his hair back. The sun shining off the snow made it blindingly white and hard for him to see.

“Why’s that?” Chel pulled the wrap Lexx had given her more tightly around her. It was warm, despite how thin the fabric was. Lexx’d given it to her, explaining that the material was interwoven with special threads that generated heat or cold when worn, to whatever the wearer’s temperature was,.. no matter how hot or cold it was around them.

“To put it out before it threatens them.” Lexx glanced back at the door as it faded. He squinted out across the landscape. “A few fireballs in the air should get her attention.”

“Zeta do!” Zeta exclaimed, quick to see where he could be useful. He bounced around in the snow, lifting his feet up high to try to walk across the top of it. He continually sank with each footstep, but didn’t seem to get the point that he couldn’t walk on it.

“Oro?” Skate skimmed a few inches above the surface, only making Zeta more persistent in trying not to sink in the snow.