She bit. “I didn’t mean to offend you!” That was easy. Lexx looked away. He didn’t want to be apologized to nor see her expression.

“Too late.” He stated flatly.

Chel rolled her eyes, motioning to the main hall. She wasn’t going to argue with him. Maybe she should change her mind and just stay here, although then they’d go around again about the cat and she was NOT giving up her cat. “Ugh, shower’s down the hall. I’m going to make something to eat and I’m taking Mittens with me, so don’t try anything.” The thought had crossed her mind that Lexx might try to grab her cat and steal her.

Lexx didn’t react to the statement, remaining where he was standing, eyes closed in thought and fists clenched at his sides. He’d done it now. Hopefully, just a few days and nothing bad would happen. The thought of a human loose on his ship didn’t thrill him, although there wouldn’t be much for her to do or get into and if she did,… she seemed the sort who understood consequences. He’d just have to take things as they came and handle them that way like he did everything else.

“Lexx going to shower?” Zeta spoke up curiously, cocking his head and trying to look at Lexx’s face.

To the human, Lexx wouldn’t look at her, but to Zeta, it didn’t really matter if he admitted things. He did smell bad, sweat, mud and crushed grass didn’t make for a good mixture. “I suppose,….” He sighed reluctantly. “I do need one….” Wanted one more than needed one. Showers weren’t something one could enjoy much in space. “Going to join me, Zeta?” On second thought, his dice could use a bit of cleaning as well.

Zeta apparently did not like that idea, backing up a few steps, “Flowers make Zeta sneeze!!” He recoiled as though that was the most horrible thing that could happen to him. He’d connected the smelling like roses comment with the shower and the last thing he wanted was to smell like something that would make him sneeze. “NO!”