Chel swung the refrigerator door open a little harder than she intended. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Zeta just barely avoid getting smacked by it. “Zeta go wait on Lexx!” The creature huffed slightly and darted back to the living room, while Stealth took advantage of the open door to jump up onto one of the shelves inside the refrigerator.

“Ungrateful jerk! I can’t believe him!” Chel reached in for a carton of juice, and was getting ready to close the door when Stealth spoke up.

“Milk please?!” The cat insistently motioned to another carton.

“Mittens, get out of the ‘fridge!” Chel scolded the cat irritably. She waited for the cat to jump down before grabbing the carton and then picking up a shallow bowl out of the dishwasher.

Stealth followed her to the table, tails swishing in excitement. Chel didn’t move for a moment, sitting down and thinking. What was she doing? Everything had happened so quickly and Lexx,… if that was his name, which was probably considering how many times Zeta said it, seemed to be easily set off and looking for any reason to be angry.

“You know him well, huh?” Might as well take advantage of her cat being able to talk, even if it did seem weird to talk to a cat.

“Yes! I do! Milk?” Stealth sat up next to the table, tilting her head to one side.

Chel stood up and placed the bowl close to the counter, out of the way, before she got on her knees and poured milk into the bowl. Cold milk. She hoped that Stealth wouldn’t get sick from it. “What am I getting myself into?”

Stealth stared at the bowl as it was being filled. “A lot of boredom. Nothing dangerous,… unless falling asleep is bad.” Chel nodded, deciding the bowl was full enough and starting to close the carton. The cat continued speaking, “Lexx is obsessed with this game. He spends all his time on strategy and reading.” She paused every few moments to drink a little of the milk. “You won’t find him very good company,…. at first. He IS capable of being friendly,… just not good at it.”

“Why is that?” Chel couldn’t help but ask.

Stealth shrugged her shoulders, “Because he avoids socializing like it’ll kill him.”