Epsy finally seemed to realize Lexx and Chel were present. She bounced away from a very relieved Zeta, making herself break through the snowdrifts on purpose now that she wasn’t concerned about speed. “Hello!” The dice chirped cheerily. “Glad you found me!! I was getting lonely! Yes, yes, yes I was!”

Chel couldn’t help but smile at the creature. She was really adorable and her personality was contagious. Lexx crouched in the snow, patting one hand on his knee, “Come here, Epsy.”

She jumped forward obediently, tongue lolling out of the corner of her mouth. “We go ship-ship, get snacks? I’m tired of finny slimy food, nobody here talk to!”

“Now, if only they were all this easy to catch,…” Lexx clipped Epsy on the head fin, stroking her neck to try to get her to calm down and stop squirming so much. “And mute.” Epsy jumped and pushed her muzzle into Lexx’s face, delivering several quick licks on his face. “And less affectionate.”