Lexx finished the oatmeal and leaned back to savor the milk, while Chel poured more in a bowl for Zeta. “That’s all there is.” Chel tossed the empty carton into the trash. That milk went quick. She’d just bought it the previous morning. She noted Lexx looking at her as though he were about to ask for another glass.

“I do not like being outside of my ship for long.” Lexx began, “We’ll be going soon.”

“Great!” Chel was none to happy to hear that. She had already packed. “I’m ready,… just need to change!” She slid a large red duffel bag from behind the door. “Can we come back in a week? My brother and sister will be getting home and I kinda need to be here for that so they won’t call the police thinking I’m missing.”

Lexx was agreeable to that. Maybe this would only last a week. “Yes.” He paused, glancing down at the robe, “I would like my clothes back.”

“Oh, yeah. They should be dry by now. I’ll go get them!” Chel set the bag down by the table and made her way back to the laundry room.

Zeta licked his jaws and turned to Lexx, trying to be helpful, “Zeta dry if not! Zeta good drier!”

“That’s quite alright,… enough singe marks on my overcoat.” Lexx quickly turned him down. It’d cost quite a few crids to buy a replacement,.. and it was his favorite overcoat.