Half an hour later, Lexx was back in his clothes and Chel had changed into a green shirt and black jeans. Lexx was kind of baffled at her choice of clothing. No coat. Everyone wore a coat, it was the style to wear a long coat. Why wasn’t she wearing a coat? Stupid humans, can’t even keep up with
fashion standards. “Are you ready?”

“I think so.” Chel adjusted the strap of the duffel bag, wondering how they were going to get to Lexx’s ship.

Lexx removed a black disc shaped object from the pocket of the coat. Odd, Chel didn’t remember it being there when she checked his pockets before putting the coat into the wash.

“Ok then,… follow me closely. Stealth, Zeta, you two go through first.”

Lexx adjusted something on the disc, then held it up. There was a swishing sound, followed by a flash of light. The air before them rippled and expanded in an crimson and gold vortex.

The colors brightened to more of a golden white color as Zeta and Stealth stepped through it, then Lexx started through. Chel blinked, stared into the light and almost forgot to move. “What am I doing?!” She asked herself again, feeling it was a little late to be asking herself that question yet again.