Chel was more than happy to go down to the island again, so were Epsy and Skate. The other dice decided to remain on The Rift, where it was cool, air conditioned … and dry.

The beach was clear as usual when the gate opened and it was late afternoon, so it was comfortably warm without being sweltering. With a gleeful yell, Chel darted to the waves with Epsy following close at her heels. The chubby dice could move well on land, despite her build and obvious affinity for water over land. Skate hovered after her and Lexx was the last through the door, smiling as the sun and cool salty breeze hit his face.

He immediately felt lighter, as though a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He was happy. For this brief time he could forget once again, about the game and simply enjoy the life he never had a chance to enjoy before. Lexx’s eyes wandered to Chel as she splashed into the shallows.

She was wearing a bathing suit this time down, so she was more eager and willing to get wet. It was a solid blue color and shone at every curve in the sunlight. Chel had only been wearing t-shirts and loose fitting clothing for the week that she’d been with Lexx. He never really thought much about it. She seemed to like to be comfortable and modest. Lexx could understand that.

Lexx turned his head after a moment, realizing he was staring. He didn’t want to be rude, but he couldn’t help but look to see what she looked like without her usual clothes. A bit chubby, definitely not trim or toned like most of the females Lexx had been around, of any species, which was very interesting. He liked it. She was pretty in her own way and her happiness was very contagious.

Thanks to that relay.

“Deuce.” Lexx slowly trudged to the water, chewing on his lower lip in thought. He had so many temptations now, desires he couldn’t do anything about and he was falling hard. She didn’t know it, but she’d broken a wall that had held firm for a number of years. Lexx had even managed to be disagreeable enough with the females that had paid the ADC for his ‘services’, that nothing had come of those arrangements.

It was big business for the ADC to sell time with their premier players and Lexx was one of them. He was one of the few that wouldn’t do anything a time buyer wanted. Most of the time it was to accompany someone to a social function in which Lexx would do little socializing and mostly be swarmed by aliens just wanting to see him.

He didn’t remember much of the last party, other than apparently his date had undertaken the date as a challenge to get her way. There was an unusually high alcohol content in the drinks she brought him. Fortunately, it was impossible for Lexx to get drunk due to his nanites immediately removing the toxins.

They bought his time. They wanted him because of the game. He was a star to them,… but Chel. What would it take to get her to like him in the way that he wanted? Lexx’s thoughts drifted further into the realm of wishful thinking. His gaze drifted to her, playing in the water wit Epsy and Skate. Then he looked down, noting the slightly raised scars that marked his mistakes. How could anyone actually,.. truly love someone with such an abused body?

And it was going to get worse.

“Lexx!” Chel yelled at him from the water and waved, “Aren’t you coming in?”

“Yeah…” Lexx picked up his feet to join Chel and the two dice.