June 29, 2001

"Zeta not invited!" Zeta growled, glaring at the sphere. His tone was laced with jealousy. "You'd drown, Zeta." Stealth rolled her eyes. "Lexx can breathe underwater. Seen him do it for hours! We can't!" Apparently, those facts meant very little to Zeta as he whined, "Zeta think not right anyway! We 'posed to fight other dice, not Lexx!" "Lexx is doing fine on his own... now, Chel?" Stealth hopped up onto the couch and leaned on Chel's arm. "Yes?" Chel blinked at the cat, wondering what she wanted. "Would you like to know more about Lexx? I know where he keeps his digital album and I can tell you everything I know. If you're going to be staying here, you should know as much as you can, otherwise, ... you won't understand him." Stealth spoke quickly, eager to share her information. "That would probably be a good idea, thanks, Stealth. He won't mind will he?" "No, not at all!" Stealth hopped down and started across the room to the closed doors (that were not blue). "Stealth!" Zeta hissed running up to her, lowering his head to whisper. "Lexx not like us or anyone looking in album! Embarrasses Lexx! Remember when Claudia found it! She never leave Lexx alone afterward!" Zeta coolly walked on, replying, "Precisely." She added a little louder, "This way, Chel!"

2 thoughts on “June 29, 2001

  1. Ooh, that cat…

  2. Zeta coolly walked on, replying, “Precisely.” She added a little louder, “This way, Chel!”

    “Zeta” should be replaced for “Stealth” ^^

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