“Hmmmm,…” Trasik watched Lexx run into low waves with interest. She’d
been studying Lexx’s channel for some time now. There were several channels
devoted to each dice player and there was a constant feed, as well as a ticker
tape type readout running constantly at the top of the screen. This had
information on Lexx’s current standings, popularity and many other things.

Beside her were piles of older vids, each one labeled ‘Lexx’. Copies of every
battle he’d fought from the beginning, as well as highlights.

“Creee,…” Her favorite dice hopped up onto the back of her couch and
rubbed his head against her hair before settling down along the back. He
was the only dice she had that wasn’t poisonous or simply ‘nasty’ in some
way or another. Instead, he was particularly cuddly and extremely
affectionate… and getting fat. Tacione chrrrd and stared at the screen,
resting his black paws over Trasik’s arm, flexing his short claws and ruffling
the short featherlike fur around his neck. “Anything new?”

“Yes,… it’s unusual for a reported loner to have picked up an alien
friend. I’ve never seen any sign of Lexx actually wanting anyone around
him,… but look at him. He’s smiling. He doesn’t do that often. Usually
he’s a jerk.”

“Maybe he thinks she’s pretty? Pretty color on her head.” Tacione clicked
his beak.

“I should have paid more attention to her at the away point. This could open
up a realm of disqualifications.” Trasik mused thoughtfully. That would mean
more chances at Lexx personally, but even if that didn’t work, she had more
drastic plans in mind if it came down to it and already had put one in motion.

“Interface,” The littan tilted her head up and spoke to her ship’s computer.
“Open all Alien Dice Master Set rules regarding non-contacted worlds.”

“Scanning.” A metallic tone rang from the walls. “762 entries.”

“Narrow search parameters to native interference.” Trasik grinned hopefully,
waiting to hear what the computer had to say.