The two stood up, brushing sand from their clothes and giving Lexx perplexed looks. “Why?” Damian ventured first.

Lexx took a deep breath and explained, “Trasik threatened me and I’m afraid she might harm Chel.”

“The wife,…” Claudia muttered to herself, pondering the possibilities. ‘Hmm,.. Trasik gets Chel, Lexx no longer has a wife! Free game!!’ Now how could that be a bad thing?

“Wife?” Damian looked at Claudia, then to Lexx. He blinked and then it dawned on him. “Hah! Lexx!! YOU told her you were married?!” Then he burst into laughter, gripping his sides. “The girl owns one of his dice and won’t leave until she gets it back!” Damian gasped out.

“Ooh! Available!” Claudia grinned gleefully. Lexx groaned and rubbed his head, feeling the start of a headache coming on.