Within an hour, the sun had set and darkness enveloped the island, except for one spot of light and music. The main room of the hideaway was filled to capacity with aliens. The majority were Littans, but there were many Sairah and Littans as well as a scattering of Kourwine. Lexx noted by their clothing that very few of them were the rich elite that he was accustomed to seeing at parties. Many were dressed in uniforms which passed as more acceptable than what most could probably afford.

From experience with boring parties and the many talkative females he had escorted to said parties, Lexx could easily gauge how much each of the glittering outfits and coils of jewelry cost. They were wearing more than any of the ship’s crews, even the captains, would earn in over a year’s service on a starship.

Everyone was enjoying a glass of wine before dinner was to be announced. Lexx sipped slowly from his glass. Sometimes it was really nice to be unable to get even a buzz off of these drinks. He could drink all he wanted and not miss anything going on.

“Damian’s done a good job. I’m surprised that nobody is really paying attention to me. They’re looking, but not approaching. Odd.” Lexx looked around, noticing that he was being left completely alone in the area he had walked to solely because there wasn’t anyone standing near it. Normally, he couldn’t even walk with the fans crowding around him wanting to talk to him and touch him.

Deep in the nearby tropical forest, someone was not pleased with all the sound emitting from the party. Epsy strode in a circle, growling at herself and swinging her head occasionally in the direction of the hideaway.