“Don’t worry, Lexx, Dear! I’ll keep my scanners on full alert. I forgive you!” Claudia giggled playfully, sidling up to Lexx, much to his discomfort.

“Mine as well, and if you need anything else, my ship is always open.” Damian glared at Claudia for a moment. Such an annoying woman. How dare she get so close to Lexx. Couldn’t she see how much he hated that.

“I’m sure he’d much prefer my ship, it’s more roomy.” Claudia tilted her chin up and stated in a haughty tone.

“And overly feminine,” Damian turned slightly away from her in indifference, resting a hand on his hip and messing with the end of his short cape, “Which would revolt Lexx as much as you do.”

“What is that supposed to mean?!” Claudia immediately turned on Damian, a sharp edge to her voice. Lexx glanced from Claudia to Damian, then back again and slowly he backed away. He’d said what he needed to say, whatever problems they have with each other, he had nothing to do with.

“What it sounded like. I hear a lot of rumors.” Damian leaned toward Claudia, meeting her glare stubbornly.

“No man can resist my charms!” Claudia literally hissed.

“I can!”

“I said no man. You are disqualified!”