Lexx knew better than to open his mouth. He clenched his jaw hard and sat on the stool next to the heat scrubber. He removed his wet coat and wrap, hanging them on hooks so they could be dried, then began undressing with his eyes closed.

To himself, he repeated a few things over and over again, “No. Don’t think. Stop. Don’t think about it.” He rummaged through a cabinet for a roll of bandages and sat down to wrap his arms. He continued the silent repetition, trying not to think about what Stealth had probably told the girl and what Stealth knew that Lexx didn’t want her to know. It wasn’t that he was really embarrassed by the images, it was just that were his private memories and he wanted them kept to himself.

They were the only things that he truly owned and by her looking at them, they were less private, less his and only his. He could not help how angry he felt when he found them looking at his personal collection. Lexx didn’t like it when outsiders knew much about him, knowledge was power. His mental weakness was the past and he knew it. It was how they controlled him, how he controlled himself, how they had entrapped him where he was. He couldn’t let the human know what it was, didn’t need one more being who had something over on him. Dark secrets were best left, in the dark.