“That ,.. hurt.” Damian scowled at Claudia’s last taunt. She’d found his weak point. There were many misconceptions about his people and he was very sensitive about them. Coming from a species that started out as neither male or female as children really confused most beings in the universe, plus, there was the issue of extreme conditions causing them as adults to change genders for survival.

“But true, isn’t it?” Claudia glared back.

‘Ok,… fine!’ Damian thought, reaching forward on impulse, ‘You asked for it, Claudia!’ Before Claudia could resist or fight him off, Damian had her in a firm embrace and pulled her close to kiss her. It was abrupt and probably not his best, but he figured it would be enough to get the point across. She’d insulted his ability to attract and keep females. Most of them simply didn’t understand the game and that it was his life. They couldn’t live with his obsession.