“And Stealth growled at me for not holding back … I did as Lexx wanted.” Sirius grumbled suddenly.
“Thank you, Sirius.” Serenity whispered. The four dice sat in silence for a moment, contemplating their situation and the loyalty they felt to their keeper. It was complicated. They understood Lexx. He might not be as open and caring as Chel was, but he did care about them. He had commanded them to attack him and not hold back. Most of them had held back, but Lexx had not. He had asked them to hurt him. Only Sirius had taken the challenge to its full extent and now he was laying in the grass slowly bleeding into unconsciousness.
Had they held back to avoid hurting Lexx or themselves? Had they held back on the requests of Stealth over Lexx? She had insisted they hold back to keep Lexx from leveling too fast, but in doing so, were they also hurting his chances of defeating whatever trap Trasik had in store for him? Did they trust Lexx … or Stealth?
“Maybe we shouldn’t always listen to Stealth.” Swiftpaw finally said what all of them were thinking. Sometimes, it was better to think for themselves than do what Stealth wanted. Dash and Swiftpaw had always given more weight to what Stealth had to say than any other dice. Now that confidence had been shaken and challenged. They all felt guilty for doubting Lexx.
On the other side of the privacy hedge, Stealth had arrived just in time to hear Swiftpaw. Riley and a small team of medics were coming to help with Sirius. What she heard did not please her. She needed the dice to listen to her. After all, she knew what was best for all of them, whether they fully understood it themselves or not.