Claudia had absolutely no problem with Damian kissing her. At least she was getting kissed by someone and that was fun! She’d managed to play Damian into doing exactly what she wanted. ‘Oooh,…’ Claudia returned the kiss, ‘So what they say is true,.. he is a good kisser and I got him good!’

Damian pulled away abruptly, getting the distinct impression that he’d been kissed once he realized that Claudia wasn’t struggling to get away. It slightly annoyed him.

“I stand corrected, maybe another time, Damian.” Claudia grinned in a coy manner, her movements turning distinctly flirtatious.

“I have nothing to prove.” Damian grumbled.

“Of course not!” Claudia giggled. “You’re one of the premier dice players,.. I’ve heard a lot about you.”