Lexx gave Chel a puzzled look. He wasn’t sure how to react as Chel turned away from him, visibly more shaken than he was.
“Chel, I wanted you to be safe.” Lexx stated gently.
“You wanted me to go home knowing it was my fault you died or were a slave for life?” Chel sniffed.
“… no …” Lexx couldn’t hide his shock at the accusation. He had not considered it that way. He just wanted Chel to go home and no longer be a part of the game. It had never occurred to him how she would really feel about it.
“Do not ever do that again.” Chel turned back to Lexx, reaching out and resting her hands on his arms. “Promise me.” She looked up through watering eyes, a fact that was not lost on Lexx. He was relieved to see she wasn’t really angry with him and just wanted to move beyond this moment and put it in the past.