Riley arrived a few minutes later with a pair of medics pushing a hover gurney into the garden. In a flurry of activity, Sirius’ neck was wrapped and he was lifted onto the gurney to be transported back to the medical sector for a more thorough examination.
The gathered dice watched helplessly and only vaguely heard Riley’s assurances that Sirius would be fine. Then he was taken away.
Stealth sat with her back to the entire scene. She had done what she felt was right, as she had often done. Yet she had an overwhelming sensation of guilt weighing her down. She had told Sirius to hold back. She had told them all to hold back and if Sirius had listened to her, then he would be sitting up with the rest of them.
She told herself that repeatedly. He should have listened. They should all have listened. But it still did not drown out a small nagging voice that shamed her. Sirius gave it his all. He did what Lexx had asked. She had not. Why?