“I’m already horribly normal and average by Rishan standards.” Lexx couldn’t help but keep smiling as he tried to downplay how abnormal he really was. “I’ve been given a few tricks, but they’re useless.”
“Are you going to stay on Earth?” Chel was trying to carry on her own, more serious, conversation with Lexx.
“It’s always been my plan, but I may be a slightly different plan now.” Lexx nodded slowly.
“Will you work with my father?”
“Anything you want, Chel, I will do.”
Chel gave Lexx a long look. He was not acting like the Lexx she was accustomed to and it was bothering her. Chel didn’t have any doubts that it was Lexx that she was speaking to, but this overly accommodating attitude made her worried that he was saying things just to make her happy and that was not something they needed right now. “And if you don’t want to?” Chel dug a little further.