Hours passed and finally, Lexx left the back room. He didn’t know what to expect and was a little surprised to find the lights out. He stood in the door and looked around for the girl. Where was she now? What was she getting into? Was he going to have to be angry again?

Lexx didn’t have far to look. She was asleep on the free bunk with Stealth curled up on the pillow above her head. He stood nearby, just looking as the light and shadows from the low light played over her features. She wasn’t very annoying when she was asleep.

“You could have slept on my bed, it’s not like I have a use for it.” Lexx turned to the other bunk, whispering more to himself than her, not desiring to awaken her and be in another awkward position. She seemed to have a thing about being interrupted while she was sleeping and while she didn’t have a gun, being assaulted by her just didn’t appeal to Lexx.

He pulled the blanket off his own bed quietly and spread it over Chel. The ship was climate controlled, but sometimes it did get a little cool in here and he wasn’t sure how cool she could take it. The longer she slept, the better, as well as the nosey cat.

Lexx sighed to himself, kneeling on one knee by the bed and looking at Chel. He’d never seen a human so close. Only pictures. They were strange. Her hair was funny and wavy and a color he wasn’t used to seeing. Odd fiery color that wasn’t quite red.

She was asleep, she’d never know. He brushed her hair up and out of her face, then gaining a little bit of courage, touched her cheek and studied her features, tracing her jaw line down to her chin. That was stupid of him. He couldn’t resist. Human or not, she looked enough like his own kind that he could appreciate that she had a cute face, other than the color being all wrong.

Looking was one thing. He withdrew and stood, thinking to himself that he shouldn’t be doing that. Shouldn’t even be looking because he’d done such a good job of not looking. Such a good job. He knew himself very well and pushed back the side of him that wanted to be more friendly and had for a moment, considered and stated she wasn’t so bad. Maybe he should be nicer to her. Maybe they could be friends,… she was nice to the dice and had actually been nice to him despite his own actions to force her to react. She didn’t react the way he wanted her to. She didn’t go away.

Lexx sighed again and turned to leave. Yes, sure, be friends, get attached to someone and used to them being around and then they are gone. Whether by their own hands or someone else’s, they all leave. It wasn’t truly their fault and Lexx couldn’t hold it against them, but the fact of the matter was, he could only depend on himself always being there when he needed it and it wasn’t logical to have ‘friends’. He chose to keep that side of him down. It would only end up with him being hurt and disappointed, as he had been his entire life.

He quietly left the bedroom, closing the door behind him, unaware that Stealth had one eye open for a moment, watching him go and then beginning to purr slightly. She was amused.