Zeta was laying on the couch and thumped his short tail in greeting as Lexx turned to the room.

“I thought you’d be asleep by now, Zeta.” Lexx muttered sitting down on the couch. “Erase blinds.” The walls halfway up, immediately turned transparent. “I should really choose a better color scheme,… or just leave them open more often, …” He leaned back and made himself comfortable as Zeta snuggled up next to him. The dice rested his head and forepaws on Lexx’s leg, begging to be petted.

“Three down, forty-seven to go.” Lexx rubbed between Zeta’s eyes, knowing how much he liked that. There was something comforting about petting the dice. He was warm and covered in very fine fur that gave him that velvety look and feel. Not only that, but Zeta depended on him for everything and Lexx knew it well. He looked up to him and was unwavering in his loyalty and adoration. Zeta was nothing like that annoying stealth dice, which seemed to enjoy making life ‘interesting’ for Lexx.

Lexx’s gaze drifted to the view through the closest window, right behind the couch. From here, he had the ideal view of Earth. They were in a low orbit, one that wouldn’t come too close to any sensors to pick him up and the shielding thwarted them easy enough. He was content with the knowledge that nothing could touch him here. This was a safe place. No human could detect his ship without a high powered telescope and even then, what were they going to do? He’d read up enough history of the Earth to know that they had many reports, but most people didn’t believe in aliens or even want to. Some did, and those people frightened Lexx. At least Chel hadn’t asked him if he was responsible for things others had done.

Alien contact with the Earth had been more extensive than most knew. Skinwalkers, elves, fairies, unicorns, gryphons, ghosts, chupacabra … vampires; They were all aliens. He wasn’t nearly as outrageous as any of those, but at the same time, feared those who truly believed. There were those who would do experiments on him if they captured him, cut him up, test him, probably not even try to talk to him and understand that he’d mean no harm to any human, although now, they could probably pin an abduction on him even though the girl had wanted to come.

If they caught him, which they wouldn’t. He knew quite a few places that were private, where no-one lived. “It’s a beautiful fringe world. Low technology… probably won’t make contact with the federations in my lifetime.” Low technology, that was something that Lexx really wanted to enjoy. Life uncomplicated by the demands of machines and their masters. Just the natural life. It was also nice not to be under the federations’ arms. They tended to try to manipulate every world that joined with them to be just like them and agree with their laws. Earth, so far, wasn’t advanced enough to be considered worthy of joining.

Lexx sighed to himself, closing his eyes and allowing a thought, “I could live here.”