“No. It’s not.” Serenity bobbed her head slowly, her ears tilting and swiveling with each word. “But I respect Sirius for doing his best. He believes so strongly in Lexx.” She turned quietly and walked away with Swiftpaw and Dash silently following.
Stealth’s muzzle twitched as she tried to think of something to say back, but no words came. She couldn’t treat Serenity the same as the other dice, because she would never rise to the challenge. Serenity had a way of making even the most vicious dice treat her with respect simply with her calm presence and soothing words. Going against her would immediately turn all of the dice against Stealth.
The large cat sunk down to her belly and dipped her paws into the pool in silent contemplation. Serenity was now involved and her words would carry more weight than Sirius. Worse, she made Stealth look foolish. Her plan made it seem that she doubted Lexx and she did. He was a child and once his plans were interrupted, he descended into an erratic chaos. She had only been working to prevent this.
The other dice looked up to him in a way that she could not understand and was incapable of seeing. She settled on the fact that she knew Lexx better than they did. Afterall, she had seen his dreams and comforted him.