July 17, 2002 (2 Comments)

It was hot, very hot and uncomfortable. He could still see them, Damian and Claudia making out vigorously, although his imagination had made it much worse than it had been in his sleep. Lexx was jealous. It hurt. There was a dull ache welling up within his dreams that was almost stomach wrenching. It was just a kiss. Just a kiss. Just a touch of lips to lips, skin to skin. It rolled in his mind, worse than any nightmare. Was this how it was going to be forever? He'd enjoyed those activities in the Academy when they could find some quite corner out of sight, but was too young to realize just how important it was other than just something one yearned for when they never got a kind word from any adult. Love from a parent was replaced by attention from friends, a futile effort to fill that gap. There had been no other way to survive. They depended on each other. They leaned on each other for emotional support when they were sad and upset. He couldn't take it anymore and jerked upright, slamming his head hard on the top of the bunk. "Yargh!" "Something wrong, Lexx?" Stealth yawned from his side where she'd been curled up sleeping. She rolled over and flexed her forepaws over his leg. "Unspeakable horrors, Stealth." Lexx rubbed his head and then ordered the lights on. He had to get his mind off of that. Damian and Claudia, … ugh,.. but at least they'd be so busy with each other they'd leave him alone. There was an upside.

2 thoughts on “July 17, 2002 (2 Comments)

  1. Poor, poor misguided Lexx…

  2. Poor, poor misguided Lexx…

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