Chel dreamed. It hadn’t been hard for her to fall asleep, even in the strange surroundings. The events of the day seemed to flood through her mind, making her a little restless, only she felt oddly at ease with everything. Stealth was in her dreams, following her and saying all kinds of interesting things. Unfortunately, Chel couldn’t remember anything she said. The cat was amused.

Then, Chel found herself in that area between sleep and awake, when everything fantastic seems so real and everything real, seems like part of the dream. For a moment, … she thought she was at home in her own room, in her own bed with her kitten sleeping curled up behind her head as she was apt to do.

“Oh.. what a dream.” Chel blinked, the walls of her room vanishing to the steely gray surface of the bunk she was sleeping in. She blinked a few more times, disoriented and trying to remember exactly where she was … and when she’d gotten up to get a blanket.

“You’re telling me, giant mice and lakes of milk!” Stealth yawned and stretched out, immediately reminding Chel of the previous night’s events. “Did you sleep well, Chel?” The cat purred, hopping down onto the floor and stretching again, twitching her tails in delight.

Chel stared at her and slowly stood, rubbing her eyes. “Yes. Where’s Lexx?”

“Probably out in the living area.” Stealth purred. “I think he slept on the couch or probably didn’t bother sleeping at all.”

She was right. Lexx was out in the living area, and it appeared that he hadn’t slept. Zeta was nowhere to be seen. Chel paused uncertainly in the door.

“Good afternoon.” Lexx greeted her in an indifferent tone, paying more attention to the mug in his hand than Chel. He tilted it up and took a slow drink as Chel crossed the room.

It smelled good, almost like a mix of hot chocolate and apples. “What’s that?” Chel sat on the opposite end of the couch, looking at the small table she hadn’t noticed before. There was a pot of some sort and a second mug. “It smells good.”

“Tilauh. Nothing in it will harm humans.” Lexx sat his mug down and poured the steaming mixture into the second mug, then offered it politely to Chel.