Lexx looked over at the other bunk and noted that it hadn’t been slept in. Chel most likely had stayed in the living room. The door was closed so he got up and started to undress, quickly slipping his nightclothes over his head.

Stealth sidled up to him, rubbing against his leg and purring. “Chel’s already up and she fed us!”

“I fed you all last night….” Lexx muttered, not thinking about it as he picked up the pants he’d laid on the dresser the night before and pulled them on.

“Oh…” Stealth purred, twitching her tails. She enjoyed this. She was about to get Zeta in trouble, big trouble. “Zeta convinced her that you forgot and showed her where the food is!”

Lexx stopped abruptly and blinked. “Zeta… Deuce…”