Zeta was lying on his side on the couch, dozing peaceably when Lexx stepped through the doors from the bunkroom to the living area. Chel was leaning against the view port on the other side, lost in the view of space and the Earth far below. Lexx quietly strode to Zeta and jabbed him in the stomach. He was mad, but keeping himself restrained to avoid another ‘encounter’ with Chel by losing his temper. Zeta yelped and rolled over, tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Zeta! You glutton!” Lexx literally snarled at the sallomandyr. He had intended to use Zeta today to capture the Speed dice, but there was no way the overfed creature was going to be in any shape to fight for at least a day.

“I’m sorry, Lexx,…” Chel quickly walked across the room, apologizing for Zeta’s state. She couldn’t help but feel responsible. “He said he was hungry and,…”

“Zeta knows better.” Lexx cut her off shortly.