“Zeta feel baaaad,…” Zeta interjected.

“You should!” Lexx turned back to Zeta, raising his voice considerably.

“No,…” Zeta licked his jaws and wobbled slightly, “Zeta feel sick bad! Not poke Zeta!!” Then, the dice tilted forward and proceeded to throw up over the edge of the couch at Lexx’s feet. Lexx jumped back and spun on his heels, hurrying back to the bunkroom without so much as a glance back.

“YOU overfed him, Chel, YOU clean it up!” Lexx yelled furiously closing the doors behind him. “Worthless dice.”

Zeta hung his head and carefully slid off the couch, squatting near it now with his head down between his forelegs, tail tucked under him. “Zeta not mean do that.”

Chel frowned, staring at the floor, “Why does he have to be that way all the time, Stealth, why?”

“He wouldn’t be Lexx if he wasn’t.” Stealth purred, rubbing up against Chel’s legs in consolation. “Zeta and I will help, won’t we, Zeta?”

“Zeta think not,.. Zeta not done being sick!” The sallomandyr arced his neck and gagged.