The portal swirled with activity, appearing as a brilliant flash of light within a forest and then bursting into existence with a bluish white glow. Lexx stepped through it first, consulting a small device with a display on it that showed their location. Zeta and Stealth were at his heels and Chel stepped through last. The portal receded within a few more seconds, leaving the four in the midst of a forest.

Chel gaped. It was beautiful, probably a place that one couldn’t get to without hiking for hours and it’d only taken them a few seconds. Around them, the forest was alive with birds and chittering squirrels. The air was fresh and noticeably different from the ship’s air, carrying with it the smell of upturned dirt, flowers and foliage.

“Fly is somewhere within a five mile radius of this point.” Lexx pocketed the device and turned to Chel. “We’re nowhere near any human habitations, so don’t get lost. I don’t want to waste my time having to look for you if you do. I have work to do, remember that.”

Chel nodded, studying the treetops and looking for what she supposed the fly dice might be, a bird. That was obvious. Birds flew, just like cats were sneaky, rays swam and little fire lizards spit fire.

“Give me a moment!” Stealth darted for a tree, her attitude pure business now as she climbed quickly to the uppermost branches. “I should be able to catch a scent in the air!”

Lexx shielded his eyes against the bright sunlight. He wasn’t accustomed to it and it kind of stung and made his eyes water. Get this over with quick. Find the dice, catch it, go back to the ship. He wasn’t ready to be down on the planet for long periods of time during the day. Lexx slowly sidestepped into the shade of the tree.

“I don’t smell it…” Stealth called down, stretching her nose into the air as far as she could and looking as well. As a Stealth dice, she had an excellent sense of smell and as a cat, extremely good eyesight, even in bright light. Off in the distance, she could see something unnatural moving, long and fluttering. That had to be it. She couldn’t smell it, but she could see it and also sensed that it was a dice. The skills of the Stealth dice. “But I DO see it! Better prepare the modifiers, Lexx!”