“We won’t have to search after this set is complete.” Lexx shuffled forward, “The transport radius will be within sight of the dice.”

“I kind of like having time to enjoy the scenery, Lexx.” Chel grinned, the more comfortable of the two in a pair of jeans-shorts and a short white tank top that didn’t quite cover her midriff. She squinted up at the trees and laughed at the monkeys who were still in a slight state of panic.

Two hours later,… all four of them were sweating heavily and tired. It was too hot and on this side of the world, it was midday. They hadn’t seen any sight of the Speed dice. Stealth flopped down in the shade of a nearby clump of foliage. Lexx had taken off his shirt by now and was about ready to take off his pants. He’d laid the shirt and short cape on the rock next to him and invited Chel to sit on them.

“Deuce,.. one extreme to another and no sign of the speed dice.” Lexx frowned, staring at the ground and wondering what had gone wrong. The last two times he went after the speed dice, it had been easy to find, because it was a runner and enjoyed being chased. There was something different this time, maybe it was the animal that it had bonded with, a strange black creature that Chel had told him was probably a tiger, only she had said tigers were orange with black stripes, not black with red stripes.

“I think I remember hearing more than once that you could walk within five feet of an elephant out here,…” Chel started to say, wiping sweat off her forehead.