Bits of bark flew as Stealth came down the tree in that ungainly fashion that cats use. It wasn’t nearly as easy going up as coming down. She hit the ground in a run, turning to run around the tree and into the forest. “It’s up in a tree! The tallest one! Of course, it’s WAITING!” The thought just entered her mind that the fly dice was out in the open for a reason.

“I have the modifiers ready!” Lexx had his hand in his hip pocket as he spoke, chasing after the cat. He wasn’t about to lose sight of her and was grateful the ground here was even. It just wouldn’t do to trip and fall while running … get his clothes dirty,… embarrass himself further.

Chel and Zeta tagged behind. Zeta huffed, his short legs not carrying him nearly as fast as the other two. Chel wasn’t quite in the shape to be running. She’d never been a good runner, so was stuck with the dice.

“Zeta not a good runner!” Zeta panted.

“Me either!” Chel caught her breath just long enough to respond with a little encouragement.

Lexx and Stealth reached the tree way ahead of Chel and Zeta. Stealth stood up on her hind legs, tails twitching in eagerness to get started. She really loved this part. Tracking, chasing and then the engagement of battle with the dice and victory. She was good and Lexx always picked her battles with her having the advantage. Despite her nature toward him, she trusted him. He wouldn’t send her out after anything she couldn’t handle.

“Good! Get it down here without knocking out so I can tag it, ok, Stealth?” Lexx gripped the modifiers in his hand, about to throw them. Shaking them once, he tossed a trio of dice at Stealth’s feet. She sat on her haunches to peer at them, a glow surrounding the dice then a flash of light rippling over her black fur.