“Jump, swipe and a strength burst! Not bad rolls!” The cat twitched her tails once around her forepaws, then turned and started up the tree, moving quickly and vanishing from view amidst the foliage.

“What are those?” Chel wasn’t sure what was going on. More dice?

“Modifiers.” Lexx’s attention was on trying to see Stealth and her prey. “They boost the natural abilities of a die for half an hour. Completely random. Just another part of the game. I’m only allowed to use so many sides, depending on the level and type of dice we’re going after.”

Chel didn’t know quite what to think of that, nor fully understand it, so she nodded and just tried to see. So far, no sight of Stealth or the Fly dice. She couldn’t hear anything either, other than the sound of the wind flowing through the underbrush. Something was odd about the area. Perhaps it was the thick stand of bamboo slowly bending and waving nearby. Where were they?

Stealth slowed as she neared the top of the tree. So far, all she could see was a length of fluffy black tail, waving and twining in the wind. The Fly dice was perched up on a limb just out of her sight. Changing her position a little, the cat crouched, claws dug into the tree trunk.