The Ice Dice lowered her head and exhaled a cool blast into the nearby bushes, swinging her head sideways to freeze the grass and let the breeze pick up the cold and blow it toward Chel and Lexx. Epsy was more than happy to help out, plus, it cooled her a little bit as well. Then, the grass rippled and weighted down by a thin layer of ice, parted to show the startled and slightly frosty head of a black tiger.

The tiger looked perplexed, his pupils dilated to pinpoints, one ear forward, one back and tiny icicles dangling from the ends of his whiskers. He hadn’t expected that and trying to move out of the way in time without letting them know he was there was impossible.

“Oh,… Lexx,…” Epsy arced her neck, pulling her head back in surprise as the tiger lowered his head and hissed at her, not at all pleased. Then he opened his jaws in a loud roar, ears flattening back against his skull and teeth bared. Epsy spun, almost losing her footing and winding up on all fours for a second. She leapt away, too close for her comfort, squeaking in fear.