To Stealth’s horror, she saw the Squirrel coming down the side of the tree directly for her. The twinkle in his bluish gray eyes was enough to send shivers throughout her dangling body. He was up to something.

“Just give me a moment!” Stealth whined plaintively, wanting to at least pull herself up before the squirrel got there.

“Afraid not!” He chittered, reaching the branch quickly and immediately starting to gnaw through the bark.

“HEY!! Stop that!! Don’t chew on that!!” Stealth yowled in panic, realizing exactly how high she was. If she hit the ground from this high up, she would fail and be knocked back into a dice and locked up for a good time. She HATED being locked up. Reaching out futilely with one paw, she swiped at the rodent just as the branch creaked, then made an incredibly loud snapping sound, which echoed through Stealth’s ears in ominous tone.

Chel and Lexx watched as Stealth and the branch came into view, then crashed into a bush at the side of the tree. The bush rustled and with a fierce snarl, Stealth, thankful that the bush had been there so she wasn’t hurt, leapt back to the tree. Fly wasn’t going to embarrass her like this.