Epsy and Stealth moved closer together, the modifiers taking effect on them and compiling their available attacks and abilities. The two were trying to position themselves to face off against the tiger, but all they were managing to do so far was kick up a lot of dust. Stealth crouched against the ground,  hissing “Phase” and then her form blurred. Dash was easily twice as  big as both of them combined and heavier. It didn’t help that while Stealth was fast, Epsy wasn’t, but fighting wasn’t what Lexx had in mind when he chose the two. Brute strength was unnecessary.

“Icewind!” Epsy lifted her head, a faint blue glow dancing around her mouth.

Dash suddenly stopped in front of them, skidding in the dirt. “How pathetic! Neither of you got anything worthy of my attention!” He hissed fiercely, ruffling the fur along the back of his neck and shoulders. With his head low and jaws open, he dared them to try anything. “You can’t stand up to me!! This battle won’t even be worth a mention!”