As the tiger spoke, Epsy lowered her head and sent a blast of chilling breath across the ground, freezing everything it touched into a sheet of ice. Dash had his eyes closed for that instant, his arrogant tone rising higher with each word, until the ground beneath him was suddenly too slick to stand on. Both of his forefeet splayed, claws extending in a futile effort to regain his footing, then he pitched forward, slamming his chin the ground.

NOW, Epsilon!” Lexx pumped a fist into the air, yelling orders to the dice. “Freeze him while he’s down!”

“I’ll tly.” Epsy stuck her tongue out, mouthing it. “Tonge all numb,.. frozed did!!”

“Stealth,” Lexx shouted, “Get around behind him!” If Epsy couldn’t freeze him in time, maybe Stealth could slow him down. The smaller cat seemed to vanish as she moved, appearing for brief flashes, but little more.