On the ground, Chel lifted her hand to her mouth as the squirrel and cat came into view. Suddenly, this wasn’t nearly as interesting. They were up really high and she didn’t want to see her cat come crashing down again, this time without anything to break her fall. She wiped her hands quickly over her eyes, attempting to conceal the tears that were starting to well up in her eyes with worry. “They’re in the air! Stealth won’t hurt it, will she?”

“Dice are very strong. It’s hard to hurt them.” Lexx kept his eyes on the sky, following the arc of the two dice as they descended. Realizing he didn’t fully answer the question and knowing the girl would probably bother him about it later, he added. ” … yes, she’ll have to hurt it so I can catch it. Most of the dice aren’t very willing to be tagged and set into the inventory.”

“Making them fight for your game is cruel, Lexx!” Chel stepped up next to him, confronting him on it. It wasn’t right. They were going to get hurt, and for what? A stupid game that wasn’t important. It was coming down to nothing more than cockfighting, just without chickens. Chel couldn’t stand by without saying anything.

Lexx felt heat rush through his face at the statement. He looked at Chel, not saying anything as the corners of his mouth turned down and his eyes narrowed. She was going to complain. Her tone wasn’t what he wanted to hear. It crawled right under his skin and made the hair along the back of his neck stand up in agitation. She couldn’t question him. She had no right to question him or what he was doing.

“It’s wrong.” Chel iterated with more force.

“It’s necessary.” Lexx looked away, trying to see where the dice had gone.

“It’s a GAME!!” Chel raised her voice more. She couldn’t understand how anyone could call this a ‘game’. It looked more like torture for those involved than anything else.