It was the Speed dice. He recovered from the slip quickly and with an earsplitting roar lunged at Epsy, foreclaws extended to their full length with intention of doing her serious harm. From several yards away, Chel winced, her hands up to her face in horror as she envisioned poor Epsy getting slashed up by those claws. She hadn’t seen any of the dice get seriously hurt and she really didn’t want to see it right now. “Lexx,..” She gasped sharply,”Do something!”

“Don’t worry about it, Chel.” Lexx didn’t look at her, watching the fight intently and stepping toward them. It shouldn’t take much longer. Epsy just had to stop trying to run.

Dash landed just short of Epsy, his claws raking the ground as an unexpected weight tugged on his tail. It threw him off just enough. Surprised, Dash’s eyes opened wide, astonished that he’d actually been slowed down. Then he swung his head around and snarled at Stealth, who was now clinging to his tail.