Here’s your first look at AD #1. Go back to the start of the archive and compare. 😉 Now, I HAD posted this because I was going to ask a question, but I think I’ve figured out out to solve that little problem.

The layout will be image on the left, text on the right. The problem I ran into was having the text a full PAGE out of sync with the comics. I’ve figured out how to fix it by simply inserting an extra ‘title’ page after this page so it will bring the pages in line with the actual comics. I am not going to number the pages, so it’ll be easier to compile the actual graphic novels later. I’m abandoning the idea of doing a large print run. I just don’t believe I could sell enough, but I may change my mind if the first book does well. Following publications will include a black and white graphic novel version and a full color one. But those will take a LONG time. This first one is going to be over 50 pages long.