A short time later, Keith had arrived at Chel’s house.  He had been picked up and dropped off without a word about what was going on, just to pack clothes and go.  Once he got there, Primrose and Chel’s parents had quickly filled him in on what was going on.
“I get to meet aliens?”  Keith sat at the kitchen table, an incredulous look plastered on his face.
“Yes, please mind your manners, Keith.”  Vic quickly downed an energy drink.  It was his third one that morning.  He couldn’t help but feel he needed to be as alert as possible.
“Of course.”  Keith’s grin seemed to widen even more.  “I get to meet aliens!”
“I trust you made arrangements for your … er … pet?”  Victor changed the subject.
“Chalupa?  Mom’s taking care of her.”
“Good.”  Vic suppressed a shiver.  “There are enough strange creatures running around out there without that thing making a mess.”