Zeta spit a stream of flame at the two dice, caught up in the excitement. Then he realized,… he wasn’t supposed to do that. Worse yet, Fly and Stealth were GONE. In their place were two smoldering dice. “Oops….” Zeta squeaked. Chel and Lexx were coming and there was no way he could hide his mistake. He glanced about wildly, looking for a place to hide.

Lexx could see what happened and slowed, anger welling up within him. Chel didn’t realize what was going on and walked up to the cowering lizard. His head crown was back and eyes wide enough that she could see white all the way around his eye. Zeta was frozen with fear. Chel started to kneel down to see what was wrong with Zeta when Lexx deliberately stormed up to Zeta, hands clenched into fists at his side. Zeta started to turn, tail between his legs, only to be caught by Lexx’s boot in the ribs.

Zeta squealed and rolled in pain. He’d messed up. He had expected to be punished for it, but not like that. Lexx had never struck him before and it confused him. Zeta cowered, noting that Lexx had his arm uplifted to follow with a swing of his hand. Unable to make his legs move, Zeta curled up, protectively putting his forepaws over his head and started to cry from the shooting pain in his ribs and the apprehension of being hit again.

“Hey! Don’t hit him!” Chel intervened, grabbing Lexx’s arm and trying to hold him back.