“I couldn’t take Chalupa anyway.  She’s very picky about her food.”  Keith idly shifted his feet under his chair.

The green bag he’d brought his clothes in was sitting next to the chair.  There was a small tear in one side of it and through the tear, a round crimson eye could be seen.  It blinked, then the bag wiggled just a little.  Not enough to be noticed unless one was watching it closely.  Something made itself very comfortable in Keith’s clothes… ripping a few holes into a shirt and shredding a pair of pants.

“Disgusting animal …. Drinking blood.”  Vic didn’t make any attempt to hide his revulsion.

“It’s just what she does, you know,… when there’s no canned fruit or vegetable juices.”  Keith cheerfully defended his pet.  “She loves tomato juice.”

“I can’t imagine why …”  Vic rolled his eyes and checked the clock.  Surely Chel would arrive soon.

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