Lexx started to jerk away from her, but stopped, tilting his head to glare at her. For the first time, he looked directly at her. Chel could feel the muscles beneath his sleeve tense, tightening and then she was aware that it wouldn’t take him much to throw her aside and do as he wanted to with Zeta. He held his arm, intoning after a moment without so much as a blink or break in his voice, “Let go – I’m just angry that he did something so stupid. It’ll set us back several days.”

“It’s just a GAME!” Chel repeated, noting that even though he was serious, it was reflected in his eyes that he was no more angry with himself than with her or Zeta. The moment the word game left her mouth, Lexx snarled. She let go and he turned to pick up the two dice.

“They’ll be okay … right?” Chel ventured tentatively.

Lexx studied the dice, not turning back to Chel. “Yes, but now they have to start over. That’s the penalty for knock outs.” Chel knelt to pick up Zeta, who hadn’t moved. He was trembling and a bit heavier than she thought he looked. Thankful that Lexx didn’t pick him up, Zeta whimpered and pressed up closely to Chel, relaxing in her arms. “They’ll be out for the next twenty four hours to heal.” Lexx began walking away, not looking back.

He was mad. But now, he was also ashamed that he’d kicked Zeta and hoped he hadn’t hurt him, but at the same time he wasn’t going to go and fawn over the little creature in front of Chel. She was getting in the way and annoying him. He hated it. He didn’t need anyone to tell him about the game. It was cruel. It wasn’t that fun for the dice at times. He wouldn’t agree with the human. He wouldn’t let that door open.