The moment Lexx’s fingers brushed over the stone, it quivered as though suffering.  Then, the notes spilt forth.  They were broken, shrill and inconsistent.  Lexx closed his eyes and encircled the bloodstone in his fist.

“More horrible than last time,”  Lexx grumbled squeezing his fist tightly around the bloodstone, wishing he could break it and make the sound stop.  “Am I that messed up?  Why does it sound like that?  What’s wrong with me?”  The changes.  When he had mentioned changing last night in the dream, it hadn’t been further physical changes he had been concerned with.  It was the mental ones.  He was having to drink more mixes to soothe his nerves and calm his mind.  That’s how it was.

The more levels he went up, the more he had problems thinking, especially in battle.  He reacted instead of thought.  It was coming quicker this time, just like it had started to unravel his mind at a few levels lower the previous two times.  Each reset set him back to a beginning point.  He was not stable and he knew it.  When he had gone through the forced set, he was normal, equivalent to any other master dice.  They had tested him and seeing nothing special about the dice, put him out on the field to play.

That was their mistake.  He proved to be more powerful in the reset, almost twice as powerful as any dice at his same level.  The last reset had seen a similar increase and with each level, it was exponential.  He was afraid of what would happen if he went up too high.

Lexx could not remember the final battle of the last set.  There was a vague recollection of jumbled memories that did not seem to be his own.  He shivered, dropping the stone and picking up the remote.  “I found the remote, no need to stay down here dredging up more bad memories.”  He grumbled to himself, getting up and leaving the hold.