“Ahhh.. the poor big kitty is caught in the ice.” Stealth growled tauntingly, striding around in front of Dash and twitching her tails. Sparks flew as the tip of one tail purposely touched Dash’s delicate nose. He yowled and wrinkled his muzzle in a fierce snarl, but Stealth was easily out of his reach. “Give up, Dash?” Lexx inquired, kneeling next to the tiger and reaching out for him cautiously. He was sure he wasn’t going anywhere, but there was no predictability in how the new bonding might affect his Speed dice.

Begrudgingly, Dash lowered his head, eyes narrowed in defeat, “I can’t move my paws, so captive I am to the game laws.”

“Aren’t we all.” Lexx clipped a ring onto Dash’s ear, his mood falling with those words.

Chel watched thoughtfully, listening to the slight breeze rustling through the trees above and primal sounds echoing through the air. It dawned on her, that unlike the other dice, Dash was an endangered species. A tiger. So far, Lexx had Zeta,.. who was an alien creature, Stealth, an ordinary cat, Energy was an ordinary dog, Dig was based on an Armadillo and she figured those weren’t rare. There were never any save the Armadillo campaigns as far as she could remember. Then there was Fly,.. just a squirrel of some type Epsy was a killer whale, she was pretty sure she was an orca and not a penguin and Skate,.. a manta ray.

But Dash? She felt sad. She was glad he wasn’t hurt, that none of them were hurt, but at the same time sad. The game took an endangered animal, one less wild tiger. It wasn’t Lexx’s fault. She watched him, his back turned to her while he worked to break the ice around Dash. If he hadn’t come here.

Chel sighed and looked away, noticing Epsy nudging her leg and looking up with an obvious look of wanting some attention. It makes me aware of just how little they think of us. They don’t care what they destroy. The thought was chilling, because it was so unknown and unfathomable. What was to stop them from taking people from Earth, they had. They had taken people from Earth and changed them.

That was why Lexx was here. He had come home.

She deeply wished there was something she could do.